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Achieve Balance and Discover your Inner Self!

Imagine viewing your entire life as a Circle, where each aspect finds its place. Your task is to keep this Circle in perfect balance.

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See Circulife In Action

What is the Circle of life?

This is Your Life’s Circle

Everything you do in your life is in this Circle, Maybe it is a career change or visiting a friend, even watching a movie, everything is Recorded in this Circle.

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categories of life

What is the Circle of life?

There are 6 Categories for your Life.

these categories Have been chosen By Us Carefully, we think that if your life is balanced around these Categories then you will have a healthy and balanced life

How Does My Circle Work?

record daily activities
Record What you did Today!

Choose from over 120 Daily Activities in all of your life’s Categories and Start earning XP towards every Activity You Recorded. Recording each activity with Just 1 Click of a Button !

collect xp

Earn XP

each Activity will reward you points “XP ” and this XP will be represented in the Circle. each Activity you did will contribute Points to the Respective life category.

keep your circle balanced
Balance your Circle

You Need to Keep all of your life’s categories balanced by doing activities belongs to these categories. you have access to your circle on your homepage at all times!

How Else can I contribute XP to my Circle?

Recording your Daily Activities is not the only way to gain XP, in fact you can do Much more!

person maintaining healthy habit

you can set up a healthy habit and stick to it as much as possible.

each habit will contribute XP once you achieve your Habit Goals!


record your mood throughout the day. Recording your mood meaning you are expressing inner feelings and that’s why it contributes to the Spirit Category.


in Tasks you can create and be on top of Your daily tasks, With Circulife you can create tasks with Due dates! each task Created will Contribute Progress to your Circle.


Writing your daily Journal or diary helps to express your feelings and thoughts. and each new Journal will contribute XP to your Circle

Your Own Circle is always with you​

You can review your progress with Our Integration with Chat-GPT!

AI is integrated well into Circulife. as it will provide you with customized tips and tricks according to Your Needs and to help you achieve better XP for your lowest ranked Categories, in addition to Reading your latest recorded moods and analyze it for you!

AI Will analyze your Circle Progress!

it will read your XP results and will give you tips on how to improve your lowest categories XP. AI is integrated well with your Circle to provide you with the tips you need to keep your life Well Balanced.

AI Will analyze your Mood !

not only your Circle!

AI will even read your latest recorded moods and give you deep analysis of your mood changes. and will give you tips on how to improve your overall mood and how to stay Happy !

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Log in to your Account and start using Circulife

No Download, No Credit Card. Available for Web, Tablet and Mobile. just register your Account and get ready for a balanced life!

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We love your feedback

Your feedback is extremely important to us, this is a product that needs your feedback. you can follow us on Social Media Platforms and give us any comments, concerns, I will reply to them personally!